An alternative spring break group focused on supporting the vision of the Puerto Rican people for a sustainable recovery and more climate resilient future for their island

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Day 2: History, Community Gardens, and Ponce

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Urbe Apie made sure to feed our bodies and our minds with a lesson in cooking and the economic history of Puerto Rico.

Here we are helping to get the community garden back into shape with some serious weeding while a volunteer teaches us about the health benefits of the different plants they grow.

Sunday evening in Ponce. The buildings were beautiful, but the city was sadly very empty with many abandoned properties and few people walking down the streets on Sunday. There was a lovely concert in the plaza that evening where many elderly people gathered to remember the times when the neighborhood was intact, and their children were near them instead of in Florida... They also played a tribute song to Venezuela in solidarity with their fight for freedom.

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