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Day 4: Añasco Playa

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Tuesday was another packed day with the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez as we visited three communities.

First, we went to Añasco Playa, a beach community that has been forced to organize over the years because of the multiple threats that have been made against it. It has fought against leatherback turtle egg poachers, fought gigantic cell phone towers being installed directly on the beach in the center of town, fought mining of their sand (some of them being arrested and threatened with three years of jail time), and fought to have their community school reopened to prevent children without transportation from losing their opportunity for an education. It is now fighting pharmaceutical companies from dumping biowaste in the river that leads to ocean, and developers that want to get rid of the local population to build high-rise beachfront condos that will erode the sand dunes that protect the town from being flooded and serve as the nesting ground for the endangered turtles.

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