An alternative spring break group focused on supporting the vision of the Puerto Rican people for a sustainable recovery and more climate resilient future for their island

  • CMU in Puerto Rico

Day 6: Casa Pueblo

On Thursday, we went to Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas. We had the great honor to be received by the founder, Alexis Massol, who won the the Goldman Prize (the equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize for the environment) in 2002. He told us about the organization’s fight to prevent mining in the area by some starting cultural classes, creating a “People’s Forest” at the site of the proposed mine, getting arrested in front of the White House with Keystone XL protesters while they protested a proposed natural gas pipeline that was supposed to go throughout the island, and extending their alternative energy program into the community by putting solar panels on 40 houses and businesses. They hope to have 50% of the community powered by solar energy by 2020. Casa Pueblo wants to show the world everyday by their actions that another world is possible!

His motto: Science + Culture + Community = Change. Science without culture is knowledge without identity and purpose. Science without community is knowledge without ethics. Casa Pueblo cultivates all three through their work, arts programs, and collaborations with schools.

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